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Heat pumps

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Heat Pumps Are Efficient and Easy on the Environment.

A Great Choice for the Houston Climate

The advantage of heat pumps is that they do double duty, both heating and cooling your home, while homes with air conditioners need to also have a furnace to heat them in cold weather. Heat pumps work extremely well in climates like ours here in the Houston area with our high humidity, hot weather for most of the year, and short falls, winters and springs. It’s a fact that in most regions of the Southeastern part of the country, householders are more likely to have heat pumps in their homes than all the other possibilities.  

Heat pumps can also be the most efficient and economical heating system with features such as two-stage compressors and variable speed fans offering great energy savings. They are also easy on the environment, not using fossil fuels to generate heat which means they produce no harmful gases like carbon monoxide. 

Three Types of Heat Pumps Include Water-Source, Air-Source and Geothermal. 

Air-source heat pumps use refrigerant to cool the air around the indoor air handler/evaporator coil to make your home comfortable in hot weather. In cold weather, the heat pump works in reverse by capturing heat from outdoor air and bringing it into your home. It’s interesting that they can extract heat even from cold, outdoor air, but when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, they don’t do it as efficiently.

Geothermal heat pumps use the soil outside your house or nearby water sources to capture and release heat through a series of pipes buried several feet underground called “loops.” Because temperatures stay between approximately 45 and 60 degrees underground all year long, this system is very efficient at picking up heat or releasing it as necessary. Geothermal systems can cut heating costs by up to 70 percent, are environmentally friendly and very safe for the home and family. They can be expensive, but both state and Federal tax credits may be available.

Water-source heat pumps capture and dissipate heat from water rather than air, but otherwise operate much the same as air-source heat pumps. They work by cycling water through a series of pipes called a “loop” placed at the bottom of a body of water. 

If you are looking for the most efficient heating system, heat pumps might be your choice since they are an amazingly efficient and cost-effective possibility. 

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