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While it is almost normal for carbon monoxide to leave the furnace exhaust, you should check to ensure no trace of carbon monoxide is leaking into your home. Fortunately, a furnace maintenance contractor can detect carbon monoxide leaks and recommend appropriate solutions during routine furnace service.

Carbon monoxide leaking exposes you and your household members to poisoning. Immediately you notice the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning—typically tightness across your head, followed by a headache and your heart pounding—contact a furnace heater for immediate diagnosis and repair.

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Unfortunately, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are not always effective. While most homeowners rely on smoke alarms, some of the ways you can prevent gas leaks include;

  1. Schedule regular furnace inspection. Preventative heater tune-up and maintenance can help catch the leaks before escalating. An annual or biannual furnace inspection ensures the system is functioning optimally and looks for potential signs of damage. The two most common causes of carbon monoxide leaks that a furnace repair expert can discover include a cracked heat exchanger and dirty equipment/components.
  2. Avoid unintended back-drafting. Even if your furnace has no mechanical problem, it is possible to contaminate your home with CO. Creating negative pressure by turning on your fan near a gas appliance may hinder the appliance from exhausting properly. Carbon monoxide may then backdraft into your home even though your appliance is in the best shape. You can avoid this by having a furnace heater technician regularly inspect and service your furnace.
  3. Look out for gas leaks. What looks like oil on the burner grates may be a leak or a buildup of carbon monoxide film. If you notice anything, have it checked immediately to avoid further buildup and potential health risks.

An air conditioning expert provides a comprehensive inspection of your furnace to determine the underlying cause of the CO leak and takes appropriate steps to stop it promptly. Contact Prestige Air Conditioning Experts today for fast and reliable heater check and repair.

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Mo’s Irish Pub needed help with an HVAC issue. They called us, detailed the problem, and we sent our team to take a look. We sorted out their problem as fast as possible, while still providing the most accurate and professional service.

By calling upon foundational, embedded, and enclosed technology, we offered the client a range of different solutions. They had freedom of choice to pick whatever suited their specific heating and cooling demands – and we handled the rest. Now, all the locals at Mo’s Irish Pub can enjoy their drinks without worrying about the temperature!

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