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Are you considering a new heating system for your home? 

How about a natural gas furnace? 

The low cost of natural gas in recent years has made gas furnaces quite cost-effective. They are the most popular heating system in the United States.

Compared to electric furnaces, natural gas furnaces are more expensive, more complicated to install, require regular professional maintenance, pose potential carbon monoxide safety concerns, make more noise, and don’t last as long. However, their higher efficiency and lower fuel costs make them attractive to colder areas that use their furnaces for most of the winter.

What about an electric furnace? 

Compared to natural gas furnaces, electric furnaces are cheaper to install, easier to maintain, safe, quieter, and last longer—up to 30 years. 

Because they are less efficient at heating and most expensive in terms of fuel costs, electric furnaces are more expensive to operate in most areas of the country than gas furnaces are. Electric furnaces are better suited to the temperate areas where furnaces are used less often. Electric furnaces are the most popular furnace choice in the more temperate South.

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