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Pets bring a lot to our homes: companionship, play, love—and hair and dander that can impact the air quality of a home, as well as trigger allergies. Vacuuming can only do so much. But did you know that, with a little maintenance, your HVAC system can also help keep your air quality up?

Here are a handful of tips to help you keep your HVAC system running at top efficiency, while also controlling the impact of your furry friends.

HVAC maintenance starts with pet maintenance. Especially during times of high shedding, it’s important to regularly brush your pets. With grooming, you can help control the level of hair and dander being shed in your home. Brushing your pets outside, or taking them to a groomer on a regular schedule, can help keep down the amount of hair and dander in your home.

Probably the biggest thing you can do is use high-quality filters for your HVAC. Look for filters with a higher than average MERV rating, around 10-12, so that your filters will filter out smaller particles of pet dander. You’ll also want to change those filters more often, as pet hair and dander can quickly build up and make both your filters and your HVAC less efficient.

And lastly, be sure to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC with a licensed technician. Pets can put extra stress on a unit, making routine maintenance more vital than ever to ensure the longevity of your HVAC. Contact Prestige Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule service.