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Which would be better for your home, a heat pump or a furnace?

Heat Pumps
A heat pump can both heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer.

Heat pumps are easy to install, quiet, and very energy efficient. They don’t produce carbon monoxide. And they circulate humid air, so they won’t dry out your skin or nose like a furnace’s dry heat can.

On the other hand, heat pumps are more difficult to maintain. They produce less heat than furnaces do and are less efficient at temperatures below freezing. Heat pumps aren’t a good option in areas with prolonged or severe cold weather, or if you want your home toasty warm. But in temperate areas with mild winters, their efficiency makes them a desirable option.

Compared to heat pumps, furnaces are cheaper and easier to maintain but less efficient, and harder to install. With a furnace, you would also need an A/C unit, while heat pumps do both heating and cooling. Gas furnaces also have to be monitored for carbon monoxide.

Furnaces function better in prolonged cold and freezing weather than do heat pumps. They also produce much warmer air than do heat pumps. If you are looking at cost, want your home to be warm in even the coldest weather, or just want your home toasty warm, a furnace would be for you.

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