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Humidity can be uncomfortable for people, but it can also be dangerous to plants and pets. The weather can make our homes feel hot and humid, creating an environment that can peel paint, or damage wood floors and furniture. In winter, sometimes the opposite can happen, and our homes can feel too dry. This can lead to dry skin, an itchy throat or eyes, and even nose bleeds.

Plants and pets can both struggle with too much, or too little humidity. Plants can wilt if it’s too dry. Pets can’t cool themselves as easily as humans, and their temperature can quickly reach unsafe levels in a hot and humid environment. Ideal humidity for your home is between 30% and 50%. But keeping it in this range when the weather is extreme can be challenging.

So, what can you do? Your HVAC unit can help control high humidity and bring it down to comfortable levels, making your home safe again for you, your furniture, plants, and pet companions. Similarly, an in-system humidifier can handle low humidity, bringing necessary moisture back to the air so you and your home don’t feel dry like the desert in winter. To find out what might suit your situation best, consult a heating and cooling technician. They can help you decide what solution would work best for you.

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