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Everyone knows how uncomfortable humidity can be in the home, but did you know it can also lower the efficiency of your HVAC system? Just like too much humidity can make it feel hotter to us, your HVAC system can also be fooled into over-working to try and cool a humid environment. Not to mention the other problems it can bring, like mold or insects.

So, what can you do? Humidity can be controlled in multiple ways.
One is improving your ventilation. If it’s going to be humid outside, make sure and close all windows and doors, and use the fan on your HVAC to keep air circulating throughout your home.
Also, make sure your range hood or bathroom hood is clean and unobstructed to venting outside, and check that any seals in your basement or around windows are performing properly.
You can also use your AC to lower the humidity in your home. Cooling the air makes it so that water vapor holds less heat, which helps control humidity. To do this as efficiently as possible, you may need to upgrade to a high-efficiency HVAC unit.

If these efforts prove to be not enough, you may want to consider adding a dehumidifier to your home. These units can work with your HVAC system to control not only temperature but also the moisture in the air.

If you’re considering ways to control humidity this summer, contact the experts at Prestige Heating & Air Conditioning today.