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Does your circuit breaker keep tripping when you use your AC? This should not be a normal occurrence with your HVAC system, and if it is, it’s an indication that you have an underlying issue. It’s important not to ignore this if it happens more than once or twice, as some issues could be dangerous and need to be addressed.

Here and some common reasons why your AC might be tripping your breaker, and what to do.

First, look at the circuit breaker itself. The problem could be as simple as a loose connection or an older unit. Or the electrical panel could have the wrong circuit breakers. It’s best to examine your circuit breaker first and eliminate it as a possible culprit.

Next is to make sure you’re performing regular cleaning and maintenance on your HVAC unit. Dirty filters could make the system overwork and lead to issues like tripping a circuit breaker. Or, if the outside of your unit is dirty, it could clog and keep the refrigerant from flowing properly, again making your unit pull more power to work harder, tripping your circuit breaker.

Other, more technical issues could be a short circuit from a faulty wire, or a failed compressor, which starts your AC unit. This can happen especially if you have an older unit. These are issues a trained technician should address. If you examine your circuit breaker, your unit is clean and maintained, and it’s still tripping your breaker, it might be time to call in Prestige Heating & Air Conditioning to take a look. Contact us to schedule service with one of our technicians.