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Have you noticed it’s hard to keep your whole house comfortable? Does one area always seem warmer or cooler than another? Are people often arguing about whether to turn the thermostat up or down?

AC zoning might be the answer to all of your thermostat problems. First of all, what is it? HVAC zoning divides the house into specific areas, and allows you to heat or cool those areas with individual thermostats via what is called a damper, a flap or valve that closes off or opens up air flow through air ducts. Effectively, a damper closes off one or more areas of your home so that only the areas you want to be affected will be. Then, you can control the temperature through the zoned thermostats, turning heat or cooling up or down for that specific area of the home as the thermostat dictates which dampers are open or closed.

Often, this is most useful in larger or split-level homes that are traditionally more difficult to heat or cool evenly. How can you know for sure if your house needs zoning, or how many zones you might need? Your best bet is to talk to an expert, an HVAC technician who can answer any questions you have and make a personalized recommendation for your unique home and situation.

At Prestige Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians are ready to help you decide if zoning is right for you. Ask us if zoning could make your home more efficient.